The Unmarriable Kind by Melina Druga

Lucretia, an opinionated school teacher, wants no part of marriage. The new headmaster champions change.  Will they ever see eye to eye?

1884. Lucretia Goodwin has no intention of marrying simply because that’s what’s expected. She has witnessed what disastrous marriages can do to women, and she wants no part of it.

First, her beloved sister, Rebecca, relocates thousands of miles away as a result of a hasty marriage and Lucretia has never forgiven her brother-in-law.  And now, she watches helplessly as a man of dubious character courts her best friend, Amelia.

To make matters worse, the headmaster determines to reform and modernize the school.  Even more shocking, the confirmed bachelor believes in equal rights for women.

How will Lucretia react when he begins to show an interest in her that’s less than professional?  Will she remain the unmarriable kind?

These two go round and around each other until the find that the spark is there. It is an excellent written book that gives insights into the norms and feeling of this historical time period. I liked the reality of the piece it is very good and I highly recommend it.
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The Unmarriable Kind by Melina Druga

Publisher:  Sun Up Press

Series:  standalone historical fiction novella

Series number: n/a

Publication date:  May 2022

Available formats:  eBook, paperback, hardcover

Page count:  171 (eBook, Amazon estimate), 157 (paperback), 157 (hardcover)